Accounting Package Services

Our Value – Base Pricing Package:

We would customize our standard value base billing and pricing package according to our client needs providing Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Reliable & Timely services with the best quality and ongoing support “Perfect Fit” to the client’s needs and their stakeholders.

Out Tax & Accounting Package services help:

  • To meet your business Tax &  Financial compliance requirements.
  • To control your business and manage Cash Flow. 
  • To access your business loan hassle free.
  • To sell, consolidate and franchise your business any time at the best price.
  • To meet your’s & your beloved family’s Australian visa & citizenship requirements (if needed),

and more

Service Detail $75,000 $250,000 $500,000
Chart of Account Design One – off  $4 $6 $10
Bookkeeping Services includes:

  • Cloud/Online Base Software OR
  • In-house or on Site Software OR
  • Excel Worksheet – Manual
Payables, Receivables, Banks, Assets, Liability & Capital Accounts
Preparing Business Activity Statement & GST Reports 4 BAS +1 annual $2 $3 $7
Preparing Financial Statements Profit & LossBalance Sheet $2 $3 $5
Tax Return Annual Tax $2 $3 $5
Software QB $1 $2 $3
Consultancy 30 Mins free $2 $4 $5
Payroll Per Employee Optional Optional $4
Inventory Trade Business Optional Optional $5

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